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Our Buildings: Past and Present

Between 1967 and 1972, the Abbey Lawn Trust restored the row of medieval buildings on Church Street for both heritage and commercial use. Photographs were taken during the restoration to record the process. An architect by the name of Jeremy Benson assisted in the restoration of the buildings. Benson was noted for his work as a consultant architect with the National Trust, along with his conservation works on historic buildings such as Winslow hall in Cheshire. These photographs from the restoration were his personal records and were donated by his daughter Anne Langton to the John Moore Museum for further study.

The original photographs of the restoration period can now be compared to the buildings as they are in the 21st Century, and they show how Tewkesbury has evolved.


Photographs from during the restoration (left) and in the 21st Century (right) 

Front of number 37 during restoration

Front of number 37 in 21st Century

Back of number 39 during restoration

Back of number 39 in 21st Century

Old Baptist Chapel Court (1971)

Although restored by Tewkesbury Borough Council in 1976, Jeremy Benson worked as an initial consultant on the project.

Old Baptist Chapel Court in the 21st Century.

Since June 2012, the Old Baptist Chapel has been managed by the Abbey Lawn Trust.

Church Street as it looked in 1966

Church Street in 21st Century

Front of Merchant’s House during restoration

Front of Merchant’s House in 21st Century

Back of cottage during restoration

Back of cottage in 21st Century

Blueprints of restoration

Birds eye view of blueprint in 21st Century (courtesy of Google Maps)

Back of cottages taken from where is now the Secret Garden during restoration

Back of cottages from Secret Garden in 21st Century (note the loss of chimneys)

Back of cottages where outbuildings and gardens were

Back of cottages – now a service road where residents park


Back of cottages towards end of restoration

Back of cottages in 21st Century

The roofs during the restoration process

The roofs in the 21st Century

Row of cottages during restoration

Row of cottages during 21st Century

Buildings on the grounds of the Abbey during the restoration – these buildings have now been removed from the grounds

Buildings on the grounds of the Abbey in the 21st Century – the previous buildings were removed and replaced by the tea rooms pictured

With special thanks to Alice Vernon and Karin De Figueiredo

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