Interactive Building Tour

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The John Moore

A visit to the John Moore will tell you all kinds of interesting facts about the countryside and the animals that live in it. But here on our website you can see what’s behind the displays and find out about the mini beasts that share our building!

Click here for an interactive view of The John Moore

The Merchant’s House

Because of its size, it is virtually impossible to take pictures of the layout in our smaller musuem. Thankfully we have these marvellous drawings to take advantage of. A quick click will show you how the building was used in Tudor times and teach you a bit about its inhabitants.

Click here for an interactive view of The Merchant’s House

The Medieval Row

This unique row of 15th century buildings is one of the jewels in Tewkesbury’s crown. Most are still lived in, have 2 or 3 storeys and all mod cons. If you have taken a tour of the Abbey tower you will be able to see down into the back of the row and see their beautiful gardens. Learn a bit more about the row by looking at our interactive drawing.

Click here for an interactive view of The Medieval Row

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