The Merchant's House

The Abbey Lawn Cottages have provided living accommodation and business premises for Tewkesbury residents since they were first built in the 15th century. Most of the houses in the row are still lived in but the Merchant’s House has been beautifully restored and furnished to show the original construction of an early Tudor shop and home. Here you can explore the architecture of a Tudor timber framed building and discover what life was like for a 16th century family living and working in Tewkesbury. This small house contains a shop, bedchamber, living hall and workshop. Outside is a small, but charming, garden providing food and herbs for the family. For a virtual tour of our buildings CLICK here.


NEW for 2012

Thanks to a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, new visitors to the house will notice a number of inspiring new features and resources which will help to explain the life and times of this former Merchant’s household. Oral History Archive – Coming Soon What is it really like to live in a row of buildings with so much history? How have the buildings changed since they were built in the 15th century? We have compiled an archive of recorded interviews with people who have lived or worked in the row of cottages over the past few decades. Share their experiences and find out what role these cottages have played in shaping their lives. The full recordings are now available in the ‘Living Voices’ section of our website. New Characters Four new Tudor characters have joined the house and are ready to welcome you with stories and anecdotes about their daily lives. Each character has their own wooden chest filled with replica artefacts and educational resources for you and your family to explore. Audio Guides Listen to stories from days gone by and find out how life in the row of cottages has changed throughout the centuries. Our new, state of the art audio guides allow you to explore the house at your own pace and experience a true sense of life in a 16th century household.

Living History 

The Merchant’s House plays host to a wide range of living history days throughout the year, when costumed re-enactors transform our beautiful building into a living, breathing, Tudor household. Past events have included: A Tudor Christmas The Tudor Household: Toddlers, Trenchers & Toothworm The Barber Surgeon: Blood, guts & a little off the top! The Intimate Lives of the Tudors Living History Week For information about our next event, visit the events section of our website, or join our mailing list.

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