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Have you ever seen a pygmy shrew or felt a fox’s brush?

What did the Tudors eat and just where did they go to the toilet?

What is it really like to live in a 15th century building?

Here at the John Moore Museum you can find answers to all of these questions and many more. The museum is made up of two buildings set into one of the finest rows of 15th century timber framed buildings in the country.

The first building is home to an extensive Natural History collection featuring specimens of the mammals and birds native to our countryside, including farmlands, woodlands and wetlands.

Just a few doors down the street is the Merchant’s House.  Here you will find a shop and home, fully restored to the Tudor period. Here you can explore the realities of life for a middle class family living in Tudor Tewkesbury.

Find out more about the exciting displays and resources that we have to offer by clicking on the links above.

Please Note: Our natural history displays are made up of modern taxidermy specimens and, in case you were wondering (as many do), all our furred and feathered guests died of natural causes or from misadventure.

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