Baptist Minute Book

1655 to 1808

About the Baptist Minute Book

This fascinating book covers the period 1655 to 1808. It is written in a number of different hands, most anonymous, about the Baptist congregation here in Tewkesbury. There is no order to the book with a variety of subjects covered in a haphazard fashion. The book is written in English but has been transcribed by the museum’s fantastic volunteer team for ease of reading. Please note that page 22 is written in code (to protect the anonymity of the congregation after the restoration of Charles II); the transcription includes the cipher and a modern translation.

The book covers minutes from the Midlands’ Association of Baptist churches, enlightening us about 17th century attitudes towards women, non-baptists and the government at the time, amongst other subjects. The book also provides information about the congregation, their baptisms, deaths and reasons for ejection from the church. It also includes local observations of significant events such as the 1752 floods.

The original minute book is kept in the Gloucestershire Archives. We would like to thank the Archives for allowing us to reproduce this important book, the Tewkesbury Baptists for allowing copyright, F8 Creates for the digitalisation of the book, and of course, our wonderful volunteers for their research and transcribing.

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