The John Moore Society

The John Moore Society was formed in 1988 by John Shakles and Dr. Fred Swinbourne, two devoted readers and collectors of the author’s work, with encouragement from Joan Underwood, the first curator of the Museum.

The inaugural meeting enjoyed readings from John’s work at Douglas Jackson’s lovely home, St. Catherine’s Farm, on the slopes of John Moore’s beloved Brensham (Bredon) Hill.

Paul Humphreys, journalist, broadcaster and long-time friend of the author summed up the aims of the Society at the time:

  • To perpetuate the memory of John Moore and foster interest in his life and work.
  • To collate and record all information relating to his life and work in order to promote interest in research.
  • To support the John Moore Countryside Museum with financial and/or practical support, as required by the Trustees and/or Curator.
  • To aid countryside conservation everywhere, but in particular the area in and around Tewkesbury.
  • To publish a journal with two or three issues a year, allowing the promotion of views and interests of members.  The journal will also provide a means for publication of unpublished and little known material.
  • To arrange one or more meetings a year to commemorate aspects of the life and work of John Moore.

Paul agreed to be the Chairman with John’s wife Lucile Bell as President.  Lucile died in 2003 as did Paul Humphreys.

Twenty five years on the Society is still flourishing and successfully carrying out its aims as well as producing the popular John Moore Journal twice a year,  with 32 pages of articles, photographs and news. (We do still hold back issues so contact us if you would like to dip into any).

The AGM is held each year in or around Tewkesbury.  In 2007 we celebrated the centenary of John Moore’s birth with a lunch and a similar event was held the following year, this time to celebrate twenty years of the formation of the Society, with readings from some of John’s books.  Also in 2008 we held a picnic in the grounds of John and Lucile’s old house at Kemerton, one of the Bredon Hill villages.

The John Moore archive collection has been deposited at Gloucester Archives and catalogued.  An online version of the catalogue is available on their website at

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