‘…citizenship is likely to be most powerful where pupils learn through action.  They must be given opportunities to go beyond textbooks and tuition.’
David Bell, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Schools.

Particularly suitable for Key Stages 1 to 3, but can also be used in a variety of classroom contexts

The Romanies (Gypsy is a term that has often acquired negative connotations) and Travellers of Britain are an important, energetic and under-represented group that can play a crucial role in working towards a genuinely multicultural society.

A culturally relevant and affirming curriculum is important for all pupils and particularly important for children and young people from whichever Traveller community they belong to, to see their cultures reflected in their school experience.

It is teachers who create effective learning environments in which stereotypical views are challenged and pupils learn to appreciate and view differences in others. It is also teachers who secure motivation and concentration by using materials that reflect social and cultural diversity and provide positive images of race, gender and disability.

What do you have in your school that affirms the identities and boosts the self-esteem of Traveller pupils?
In partnership with Gloucestershire County Council’s Traveller Education Service, we have developed a range of resources for schools to borrow and which help you to teach Citizenship & Diversity.  The objects are fully supported by materials for use in the classroom.

Resources include: Cooking implements, Romani recipes, washing & cleaning utensils, horse tack, decorative items (found in the home), model fairground vehicles and rides (Show People are Travellers too), photographs and images on CD.

Costs:  Free to all schools with Traveller children on their rolls and to those within the Borough of Tewkesbury; others £10 per week.

Also available

Life On The Verge
A touring exhibition on the various Traveller Communities that exist in parts of Gloucestershire; although aimed primarily at Secondary Schools and adults, the exhibition might be just the right kind of thing to have in your foyer for parents and visitors
(contact us for further details on either of these options)

Travellers Resources –  Traveller Loans Box Inventory
Traveller images courtesy of Barrie Law ARPS

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