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Bringing the museum to you
Outreach workshops

We offer outreach workshops to schools on the following subjects:

  • The Daily Life of the Tudors
  • Tudor Toys & Games
  • Natural History: Habitats and adaptations

The workshops can be taught to KS1, KS2 and KS3. For more details and example itineraries: Outreach Workshops for Schools

Duration: We generally recommend that an outreach session lasts 2 hours with a break in the middle. Though some schools like to book one session in the morning and one in the afternoon, for example, if there are two classes in the same year.

Cost: A 2 hour workshop costs £40, plus travel expenses (40p per mile). Setting up time and breaks are not included in the 2 hours.

Outreach sessions normally involves objects from the museum collection and therefore we will require a table on which to display them. For full day bookings, these valuable items will need to be in a lockable space or room over lunch. Teaching staff should remain with the group at all times.

Loans Boxes

These fantastic boxes are packed with all kinds of fascinating objects, games and information which can be used to bring subjects to life in the classroom, as well used as in displays, assemblies and after school clubs.

• All items can be handled
• The boxes are pick up and return only from the John Moore Museum in Tewkesbury
• You can borrow either / both of the loans boxes for up to two weeks
• You can borrow the collections all year round

To arrange to borrow a box, all you need to do is call us on 01684 297174 or email education@johnmooremuseum.org with the dates you would like to borrow them. You can collect the box during museum opening hours, Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm.

1. Travellers Loan

In partnership with Gloucestershire County Council’s Traveller Education Service, we have developed a range of resources for schools to borrow and which help you to teach Citizenship & Diversity.

Inventory of Traveller Loan Box Resources (PDF)

Resources include: Cooking implements, Romani recipes, washing & cleaning utensils, horse tack, decorative items (found in the home), model fairground vehicles and rides (Show People are Travellers too), photographs and images on CD.

Costs: FREE to all schools with Traveller children; £10 for a 2 week loan for all other schools

Also available:

Life On The Verge
A touring exhibition on the various Traveller Communities that exist in parts of Gloucestershire. It is aimed primarily at secondary schools and adults though the exhibition might be just the right kind of thing to have in your foyer for parents and visitors.

2. Tudor Loans

This box contains a range of reproduction Tudor objects for use in the classroom. Objects are accompanied by comprehensive teacher notes and suggested cross curricular activities to support their use.

Inventory of Tudor resources 
Resources include: Tudor cookware, tableware, storage jars, coins & counting board (for doing calculations), spice scales, urinals, flagons, time pieces, games, caps and even a lady’s dress. Our collection is extensive and therefore not all objects are included in every loan. If you would like any specific items, please let us know when you book them.

Objects can be used alongside the Thomas Workman Inventory pack – a set of reproduced documents detailing the possessions of a Gloucestershire silk Merchant from 1587. (Produced as a resource for schools by the Gloucestershire Record Office.)  The pack introduces children to inventory based work and provides a snapshot of the Tudor merchant class.

Cost: £10 for a two week loan

3. Natural History

The museum does not currently have a natural history collection which can be loaned out to schools. (Plans are afoot for a new one…watch this space!)

In the meantime, we have a couple of animal-focused loan boxes including our popular ‘Secrets of the Wild Wood’ which you can borrow for £15 for three weeks. These boxes include wildlife-themed games, books, puppets and much more though please note that they do not include any taxidermy. They are ideal for KS1 and KS2.

You can also book an outreach session (see top of the page) where museum staff will visit your school a morning or afternoon with some of the museum’s taxidermy collection. This costs £40 plus travel expenses.

4. Open If You Dare

Designed for after-school clubs, childcare settings and playgroups, these boxes are full of fun and colourful objects to inspire children to play creatively.

Inventory of Open if you Dare resources

With over 15 different games, books, crafts, hand puppets and resources you can enjoy teaching young children about the countryside and the animals that live in it.

Boxes come with a complete guide on how to use the resources.

Cost: £15 for 3 weeks

This project was funded by the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council.

Please see the Open If You Dare Play Loans Boxes document for more information about the other boxes available.

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