Records of the Baptist church in Tewkesbury record that:
‘Our Meeting House being very old, much out of order and too small to accommodate those who would attend, a purchase of ground was made in Barton Street and a new meeting house begun September 1804.’

The new church in Barton Street was finally opened on 21st June 1805.
Following the construction of the new church, the Old Baptist Chapel was reduced in size by the conversion of the two end bays into cottages.  The central section was left intact and retained as a much reduced Baptist meeting house.  These alterations took place in the first half of the nineteenth century.

19th Century Interior

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Northern Cottage

A chimney stack was inserted against the end wall.  The stack probably served the original chapel and the small fireplace in the pastor’s room. 

Reduced Chapel

Not only was the chapel reduced in size, but the baptistery was also covered over with wooden flooring. 

Southern Cottage

As to be expected, this cottage was heavily timbered, although much of this was hidden by plaster work.  A chimney stack was inserted for the single fireplace.

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