15th Century Interior

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Three Bays

Medieval hall houses often had two bays, but this building has three.  In legal documents of the time, timber-framed buildings were often described by the number of bays which they had, but this not mean that they were of equal size. The bay divisions were where the building was tied together across its span.

The Stairs

The evidence for medieval stairs is limited, and most of the surviving examples are made of stone.  The original stairs in this building were probably a simple straight flight made of solid oak, cut through the diagonal to make a triangular shape. 

Side Galleries

The first floor original galleries at either end of the building would have functioned as private apartments for senior members of the household, especially the women.  Called solars, these parts of the house could be used to escape from the noise and smells of the main hall and were particularly useful during times such as childbirth.  

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